Excursion for caves exploring

Melidoni, Aksos, Zoniana, Anogeia

In this excursion we will first visit the famous Melidoni cave where 250 Greeks were suffocated inside the cave from the Turks. Our next stop will be the Wooden Sculptures Museum in Aksos with up to 100 sculptures. The second cave we will see is the Sfentoni Cave with amazing stalagmites and stalactites, at the village of Zoniana Then we 'll visit  the Wax Figure Museum with natural size figures that represent scenes of the Cretan history.

At Zoniana before lunch, we can visit the local gorge an easily accessible and safe for hiking, even for beginners as its slopes are gentle. The village of Anogia with the rebellion history is our next stop Anogia is the village of the most famous cretan musician and political activist Nikos Xylouris(1936-1980) after a short pass from his house which is now a small museum with rare photos, we will visit the famous Idaion Antron Cave the birthplace of Zeus From Anogeia to the cave we will see the archaeological site of Zominthos where a Minoan Palace has been excavated.

Lunch: is organized to have lunch at Zoniana in a traditional place 
Coffee: at the end of the excursion we will have a coffee at Anogeia.

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