Ancinet Eleftherna & Arkadi Monastery

Eleftherna Museum, Margarites pottery village, Arkadi Monastery

This excursion will be very popular because of the brand new Archaeological Museum of Ancient Eleftherna which is located at the archaeological site of ancient Eleftherna and opened doors to the public just this June. The exhibition of the findings will display approximately 15.000 items from 3.000 BC in an area of 1.800 m2. Second stop will be the mountain village Margarites, which is famous as a pottery center because the area is rich in clay soil and water favoring this art. There are more than 15 pottery workshops each working a different style and we can see the artists the time they work.

Last visit will be at the famous Arkadi Monastery. For sure the most sacred Cretan symbol of freedom, has been designated by UNESCO as a EUROPEAN FREEDOM MONUMENT. In 1866, 15.000 Turks with 30 cannons attacked less than 1.000 Greeks, most of them women and children the defenders took the decision to self-sacrifice than to surrender. There is also the ecclesiastical museum of Arkadi with findings from the Holocaust.

Lunch and Coffee: is organized to have lunch/coffee at Magarites in a traditional place.

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